Traditional Cretan Pots

The Orchard is proud to bring you this collection of traditional terracotta pots and planters, hand thrown on the island of Crete and imported specifically for us.  

Each and every piece is frost proof and guaranteed for 50 years.  These pots, however big, are hand thrown using traditional skills honed and passed down through the generations.  In this way each piece is unique in its own right and is stamped as such.  Each pot or planter is supplied with a waterproof descriptive label explaining the history and quality of the pot.  Also detailed are the aftercare procedures to ensure long life.  Decorative, practical, beautiful to look at and designed to last a lifetime.

Ideal for all manner of plants, the frost proof terracotta planters offer a cool, protective, breathable environment for strong and long root growth.  

Your pot will be delivered free of charge.  We will ship via pallet so it is safe and secure in transit.

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