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November 13, 2015

On Trend – Copper

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On Trend – Copper

The use of metals in the home is hardly a new concept; they’ve been a feature of our interiors since medieval times, when those of nobility would use wrought iron to create stylish, extravagant designs. In the 1920’s, chrome was the metal of choice for fixtures and fittings, accentuated by polished mirrors of all shapes and sizes. The 1960s and 70s saw metal becoming ever more popular for a huge range of home decorations, with designers creating chandeliers, lamps and sculptures to suit a diverse range of budgets, tastes and interiors designs. The 1980s saw gold and brass take on the mantle of the ‘in-trend’ to complete smart interior styles. More recently, gold taps and fittings have begun to look less and less chic until, today, chrome fittings have once again returned to the heights of popularity.

Recent years have seen the use of metal in interior design rocket again, thanks to the growing trend of industrial chic and rustic styling. In modern design, anything and everything goes with metal. Metallic items, textures and features are used in everything, from highlights in wallpaper designs, to flooring trims and lighting solutions. Thanks to its diverse range of styles and natural resilience, it is also extremely popular in furniture.

However, if you cast your mind back to the old days, to even before the 1920s, then you’ll discover that it wasn’t gold, chrome or silver that made an appearance in home designs. Instead, you might be surprised to discover that almost every piece of metal in the household would have been made of copper. (more…)

The History Of Time

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The History Of Time Itself

It’s the time of year when we really start to relish the extra hours in bed, on the dark mornings when we try to forget that the nights are drawing in and the days are becoming shorter. Thinking about the change in time got us talking about the many styles of clocks that we see today; from the grandeur of Big Ben, to stunning vintage clocks and all the way through to the tiniest, one-atom clocks that allow the world to tick along.

But when did we start using clocks, and when did time-keeping become so important to us?

The History Of Clocks!

The earliest time-keeping was almost certainly done by gauging the position of the sun. The earliest form of clock would definitely have been the sundial, where it was the shadow cast on the dial itself that determined the time of day. Another example of an extremely early clock would have been the water clock used by the early Greeks. They would slowly drain a tank of water to determine the vague time of day. At this point, hours, minutes and seconds were essentially un-measurable and unneeded. It was only in recent centuries that the precise measuring of time became an essential tool to everyday life.


October 15, 2015

The Great British Bake Off Competition 2015

So the Bake Off is over and the winner Nadiya Hussain was very well deserved with an amazing final weekend in the tent. So now’s the time to announce The Orchard’s Bake Off Competition 2015 winner…..

Untitled design-3

Congratulations Jane if you could please contact us at, so we can arrange delivery of your prize.

Thank you to our runners up for entering:

Amanda Jane Horn

Susan Julie Cartledge

Maureen Mclafferty

Fleur Pearson

Keep your eyes peeled for the next competition, you never know it could be you next time.

To see our collection of kitchen furniture and accessories visit our website:’s that time of year again when the The Great British Bake Off has us cranking up the oven and having a go at something new; whether it be bread, biscuits or something a little sweeter. Week by week we watch good bakers become star bakers and those that fall under par we see go home, we sit wondering if we could do better, but then seeing the look of disappointment on Paul Hollywoods face and the wrath of his comments and we think twice. (more…)

October 9, 2015

The Orchard’s Guide To Vintage Leather

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Vintage leather is one of the most timeless and versatile interiors with endless possibilities when it comes to styling.

A vintage leather sofa can give any room a lived in feeling with styling favourites in 2015 being Industrial, Country and Contemporary, all lending themselves easily to vintage leather in a number of combinations, whether it be a sofa, comfy armchair or even a foot stool.

How To Style Vintage Leather In An Industrial Setting

Vintage Leather

A trend from the early 90’s the industrial look thrives on mis-matched vintage furniture, concrete and exposed floorboards for a real inner city loft feel or old mill apartment/penthouse. High ceilings and raw surroundings give the perfect back drop for lived in furniture and homewares with history.  Vintage leather sofas and chairs coupled with reclaimed timber coffee tables and other metal framed pieces with metal locker style cupboards are perfect for completing the look. (more…)

Decorating Trends We Thought Would Never Last

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So it seems that everything in the world of interior design although it’s said ‘has had its day’ comes round again eventually. Old trends come back into fashion giving us the urge to refresh our current decor and opt for something supposedly ‘new’ and ‘on trend’. When looking back on old interior mags and with our latest delivery from Living etc it appears there are a number of ‘trends’ that have never really left us.

Here are our top 5, with a couple that you may have thought disappeared but really they were always there.

Antique Furniture In Modern Fabrics

An interior design trend that has enabled us all at some point to take a chair shape we love and bring it bang up to date with a fabric of the current era to create a real statement piece. (more…)

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