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June 29, 2016

Winners Announced for our Yumbles Competition

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And the winners are….

Yumbles competition

A huge congratulations to the winners of our competition.

Our two lucky winners will both receive £30 to spend at the absolutely delicious Yumbles.

We’d love to see what you choose with your vouchers; so if you fancy email a picture of you and your scrumptious treat to


June 28, 2016

How to Style a Bookcase in 3 Easy Steps

Where to start your bookcase styling?

Built in shelving can be a blessing in disguise whether you’re an object hoarder, struggle to throw books away or have small pieces of artwork you have no wall to put them on but refuse to get rid. A bookcase can also be a great addition to your home if you struggle with any of the above.

Styling them is a whole other thing however. Doing it right can be simple but doing it wrong can be just as easy. The last thing you want is  your shelving to appear more of a junk stop than a styled out piece of furniture that fits with the style of your home.

Before you begin keep in mind these basic rules for choosing the items you use in styling your shelves:

1.) Have a clear consistent color palette and 2) De-clutter before you start; getting rid of or taking to charity anything you don’t need or like.

To put this into perspective if any of the pieces you intend using are not a.) Functional, b.) Sentimental or c.) Beautiful enough to look at every day then discard of them.

Once you have decluttered you can then begin organising your bookcase or shelves into a visual masterpiece!

Here are 3 very easy ways to style out your shelves or bookcase

1. Books First

Whether you have a small collection of books or a mountain of dusty old novels you refuse to part with you always begin with books.

Stack them both vertically and horizontally and distribute the colors evenly for a more collected, yet pulled together look. Alternatively if you are adding very little else choose to display your books in blocks of colours. However this really is better suited to a more formal and proper bookcase display. For a book shelf that is showing equal amounts of books and objects maybe even a collection of artefacts this is not the way to go as it will throw the look off balance and detract the interest from your artwork and objects.

Style your Bookcase - Step 1

2. Add Art

Depending on the height of each shelf this is not alway possible, but if you can then absolutely do display art. By doing this you can achieve a number of things:  1.) Add a little bit of you and your personality  obviously, as art if bought on personal preference and not function. 2.) Adding art helps to draw the eye to the rear of the shelf making it appear deeper and bigger creating a sense of layering. 3.) It takes up a lot of visual space that can often be hard to fill with smaller objects.

Style your Bookcase - Step 2

3. Mix It Up

The final piece of the jigsaw it to add all your favourite things; whether they be objects, collections, lighting, sculptures…you get the idea. Along with this be sure to mix up the textures, tones, styles and size of the things you put next to each other. As in the starting rules ensure these are all in keeping with the colour palette to avoid the jumble sale effect. All your items should appear as though they are meant to be.

Style your Bookcase - Step 3

So you have the knowledge don’t wait any longer to create a bookshelf you want to look at. Create a space for that collection of things stored away in a cardboard box just crying out to be given a place in your home and make these 3 easy steps work for you.

Should you be lucky enough to not have enough things you love to fill your shelves then look no further visit

On the other hand maybe you are yet to find a bookcase for your home that fits your style; maybe we have something to remedy that:

The Orchard - Bookcase

June 16, 2016

Paint Clever – How to paint and decorate your home to suit your style

Painting Your Home

After the hot weather, the wine and the BBQ season (if we’re lucky) comes a time when we start to think about inside our homes; where we’ll be spending most of our time come the colder days and darker nights.

It’s often at this time of the year when we revamp our interiors and focus less on the exterior. We want you to think a little differently though this season and be creative with the colours you choose to paint your home. Try choosing colours that say something about you, your personality and your individuality.

How to Paint Your Home a Little Differently

Here are some great ways to paint your home a little differently:

Express Yourself

The kitchen is often the hub of the house, a place where you can really express yourself with paint, decor and maybe even your culinary talents! Yellows are great in a kitchen to give off a bright and positive mood. Mix these with steely blues for a relaxed sociable feel. Crisp whites are also good mixed with steely greys adding black to define and enhance. If you’re lucky enough to have an alcove for your cooker use a third colour to create a focal point with some down lighting.

Kitchen Mood Boards-2


Chesterfield InnGraduate

Ombre is not just a way to colour your hair, it also works great with interiors, especially in small places. Ombre wall add warmth and light all in the same space. Graduated paint effects work particularly well in cloak rooms using water colour type shades.

Ombre Walls-2

Dare to Bare in Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are a great place to go all out and express your true self. A quiet haven for a little ‘me time’, make this room one you love to be in. Choose a wallpaper to inspire your choice of paint colours for the remaining walls and woodwork. To complete the look and add that final bit of flair go all out and paint your bath in a contrasting colour if your dare. Alternatively for a more comfortable finish contrast with your choice of paint and paper.

Bathroom Wallpaper

Painted Baths

Create Impact with Unexpected Combinations

Perfect for a living room, mix it up a little and put together two colours you would never have dreamed of for something different but equally warm and sophisticated.

Colour Combinations Living Room

Go Two Tone

A simpler process than ombre with the same warm and light effects. Choose colour blocking for greater impact and go as bold as you dare. This style looks great in a hallway!

Colour block walls

Black Out

Whether it be a playful space where children can draw or something to help organise your life in the kitchen or office space a chalk board walk could be just the thing. Why limit it to walls, you could also paint furniture for added fun.




Stairway Focal Point

Create a unique focal point against a white back drop. Start with the lightest colour first working to the darkest spindle by spindle to draw the eye upwards giving the feeling of greater space. We love this blue on white.


For home accessories and furniture to complete you new look visit our website For something made to measure or bespoke contact Mat or Jo on: 0845 643 0363.

May 12, 2016

How to Get Summer Pots and Planters that Dazzle

Why use pots and planters in your garden?

The-Orchard-Home-and-Gifts-Poppy-Forge-Regent Tower-garden-pots-and-planters

Pots and planters offer a great way to get a colourful and impactful garden fast. They are also perfect for patios, decked areas or doorsteps offering bursts of bright colours making an area inviting and interesting where there is no soil to plant in the traditional sense of the word.

How to choose the right pots, planters and troughs to suit your garden and taste

For a striking display of colour on a patio or decked area opt for a larger pot or container, this will look better than lots of smaller ones be easier to manage and have greater impact.  The larger container will also mean that you can add an array of different colours and will also give the plants more room and moisture from the increased amount of compost.

This also applies to doorsteps and veranda type areas where lots of smaller pots can look a little busy and messy somehow.

Smaller pots are best dotted around the garden to add colour in-between greenery and rocks.

During the Summer months any type of container can be used just make sure they have plenty of drainage holes in the base.


Getting ready for planting
Despite the fact it is essential that your pot or planter of choice has good drainage holes to prevent the compost simply washing straight through add drainage material such as broken pots, stones or slate to prevent this, it will also stopped the holes becoming clogged and allow free drainage.

It is also important to have the right tools for the job, we recommend these from our Sophie Conran Collection for Burgon and Ball




The next stage is to add your compost, use a peat-free, multipurpose or potting compost. Roughly half fill your container with the compost, you may also want to mix in some slow-release feed granules or water-retaining granules; this is not essential but works really well for hanging baskets which tend to dry out very quickly.

Water retaining granules can be made  into a thick paste and then stirred into the compost to assist moisture retention in hot, dry weather.

Which plants to choose

Choose plants that are well renowned for their outstanding performance, reliability and long flowering season in containers.

The position you intend to place them is also important when it comes to choosing the right plants for you.

If your chosen spot in in full sun choose plants such as:




Ivy-leaved pelargoniums




For an area in partial shad choose plants such as:


New Guinea Busy Lizzies


Your choice of plant may also depend on the colour scheme you have chosen, if you have indeed chosen one at all. Choosing a colour scheme can be helpful in structuring you pots and getting the best from them.

Some of the most popular colour schemes are shades of pink, lilac and purple but for something a little bolder go for mixing reds, oranges and yellows.  If you want to create a cooler look white cream, green or silver, blue and grey work well.

Add interest by choosing plants with contrasting flower shapes and sizes.  This could be done by choosing a daisy style flower with a larger more post filling flower finished with something that has more of a drop effect such as a fuchsia or trumpet shaped petunia.

The main thing is to get the full effect don’t skimp. Buy enough plants to fill a container completely to create the best display and ensure that these are watered thoroughly the day before planting.

Arranging your plants for best display

Before you commit to planting each individual plant, place it in its pot in the position you think you want it, this way you can move them around easily without damaging the roots. Position them so they will all be well seen.

Planting in round pots


Putting your plants in a round pot like these from the Kew Botanical Gardens Collection the best way to create a focal point is to place the pant that will grow the tallest in the centre with lower plants around that and then anything hanging at the front edge.

Planting in troughs


The correct way to plant in a trough is to place the tallest plant halfway along and then plant shorter bushier plants immediately around them, again as with round pots placing any trailing plants around the edge of the container.

Once your mind is made up and you know exactly where your plants are going remove them from their pots upturning each one and gently patting the rim of the pot on your hand to release the root ball within.  Place the root balls in position and turn the plants so that their best side is facing outwards where it will be best seen.

Fill the gaps between plants with compost, then spread a little more over the surface of the root balls so they are buried, but only just. When you’ve finished, the surface of the compost should be about an inch below the rim of the container, to allow room for watering.

After planting water well to enable the compost and roots to settle.




April 28, 2016

National Gardening Week – Sophie Conran Gardening Competition Winner Announced






The Orchard Home and Gifts-Sophie-Conran-Gardening Competition Winner announced-2

National Gardening Week – Sophie Conran Gardening Competition Winner Announced

We recently held a competition to coincide with National Gardening Week offering participants the chance to win over £100 worth of Sophie Conran gardening tools.

We had a great response and are pleased to announce that the winner of our competition is Vicki Cross ( congratulations Vicki!

Please email your details to claim this fantastic prize.

Gardening at The Orchard Home and Gifts

If you still fancy getting your hands on some of these products but missed out on our competition visit our website and view the full collection here:—ball

We also have a wide range of other garden accessories, pots, planters and bird feeders so why not take a look here:

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