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October 9, 2015

Decorating Trends We Thought Would Never Last

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So it seems that everything in the world of interior design although it’s said ‘has had its day’ comes round again eventually. Old trends come back into fashion giving us the urge to refresh our current decor and opt for something supposedly ‘new’ and ‘on trend’. When looking back on old interior mags and with our latest delivery from Living etc it appears there are a number of ‘trends’ that have never really left us.

Here are our top 5, with a couple that you may have thought disappeared but really they were always there.

Antique Furniture In Modern Fabrics

An interior design trend that has enabled us all at some point to take a chair shape we love and bring it bang up to date with a fabric of the current era to create a real statement piece. (more…)

April 24, 2015

8 Unique Looks To Style A Sunroom Or Conservatory, from Rattan Furniture & Beyond

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Conservatories and sun rooms can be a great addition to a home when it comes to creating a bright new space to while away an afternoon or two but also in adding value to your home.

We’ve put together some great interior styling ideas from the traditional to the more contemporary, through shabby chic, rattan furniture and something a little different, so you can get straight to updating your current room or booking in the builders to create your own little peaceful sun kissed haven inside your home.

Make it Shabby Chic

Timeless and elegant; if shabby chic is the style for you then not only will you love it but it has longevity as it is a look that doesn’t age (as it already is aged!) It’s the perfect style to choose if you don’t want to change the look of your room every time the next new interiors style comes in. (more…)

February 6, 2015

How To Give Your Home A Rustic Furniture Makeover

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With Winter not set to handover to Spring anytime soon do you find yourself occasionally dreaming of curling up under blankets and throws on and old sofa sat in front of a roaring fire? Do your drab windows, plain walls and old carpet have you longing for a warmer, cosier, richer, room that gives the look and feel of rustic country living in your modern contemporary home? If so we’ve got twelve great tips on how to bring a rustic feel to your home without carrying out an expensive and time consuming makeover. By adding the simplest and smallest touches you can bring a truly rustic feel to your home and the great news is these can be bought without breaking the bank. You can even dabble with a little DIY if so inclined.

The easiest route to getting a rustic look and feel is of course to invest in some rustic furniture. The Orchard has no end of chunky wood furniture pieces and distressed, natural wood and reclaimed wood furniture. But upgrading your furniture is not something to be done on a whim, particularly when you can achieve a rustic decor theme by just adding the right accessories and wall art (we have an abundance of these things as well by the way!) Regardless of your budget or skills (to a degree!) there are plenty of tricks to give your windows a treat, upgrade your flooring and add coverings to your walls and furniture to transform your home into a cosy rustic retreat, no matter the style of house you live in. (more…)

February 4, 2015

Rustic Furniture – What Finishes Can I Have?

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Rustic furniture constructed from chunky pieces of timber has been a growing interior trend for a number of years now. Rustic styled furniture works so well in current interior design schemes as it lends itself to so many genres.

The Different Finishes For Rustic Furniture

Shabby chic, vintage and rural settings are all natural backdrops but as are more industrial and even contemporary room sets. The nature of the timber and the rough hewn styling pick up and tie in with a number of design threads. Plus the appeal of natural materials, especially where the timber used is reclaimed wood is another ever growing trend as we look to more organic materials in our homes. The charms of Rustic furniture are therefore not to be underestimated or overlooked, whether you up style to a more rustic-luxe style or pare it down to real, rough and ready rustic finish there is a piece of rustic furniture to suit you and your home. (more…)

June 27, 2014

What to look for when choosing a kitchen dresser

From modern or shabby chic through to rustic and traditional, a kitchen dresser is not just a practical storage solution but a piece of furniture that can set the whole theme for your kitchen; something that can be personalised when filled with all your favourite pieces of crockery, glassware and precious kitchenalia collected over time.  It is a piece of who you are as an individual or a reflection of the family that lives within.

So where to start? First you need to establish what the dresser will be used for.

Is it for display? Then open shelves are definitely the way to go, maybe something like this from our French Brocante range

french brocante





Beautifully distressed and when painted in a darker colour than a simple cream or off white this dresser creates will offset your favourite pieces, whilst the ornate fascia acts to enhance the framed effect.  With The Orchard’s bespoke furniture service we can tailor this piece to the dimensions of your home and we offer it in eleven different paint colours.  French Grey and Pale Mint are proving to by hugely popular this year for this piece but we personally think Black is the way to go in kitchens this year.  If you’ve seen the dining table used in The Great British Bake Off you will know what we mean.  A large antique black dresser or dramatic black table will make a real wow statement!


Need a little more in the way of storage?  How about this from our Old English Painted Collection?  Hand made here in the heart of England this is very much a signature Orchard shabby chic furniture piece.  Combining lots of practical storage along with decorative design this piece delivers in buckets on the William Morris maxim about filling your home with only beautiful and practical things.

Old English Painted Dresser


Painted in classic antique white for the text book shabby chic look, this traditional dresser will compliment most kitchens.  Again we can custom build such a piece for you.  We recently undertook a commission for a version with tall doors and no drawers in the base.  We have also produced 4 and 5 door/drawer sizes so don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirements, we can accommodate most requests.  You can also fill out this form with your specification and we’ll come right back to you with a quote;- Bespoke Enquiry Form.  Best of all you get to choose your own handles on our Old English pieces from our on-site collection of door knobs and pulls.


Need something a little less shabby chic?  For a cleaner finish, straight lines and bundles of storage our French Country dresser can’t be beat.

French Country Dresser


The French Country dresser is fantastic for offering both display and storage space with its deep drawers for cutlery and other bits you’d rather not have on show.  This piece is also available in a larger 3 door size.  Furthermore the top surfaces on all our French Country furniture pieces are made from reclaimed wood.  Bundles of character and ethical to boot!


Looking for something a little grander?  Then look no further than our Vintage Pine Large Dresser.

Vintage Pine Large Dresser


Featuring a glazed storage area this piece works particularly well in a dining room.  The top piece lends itself perfectly to a drinks cabinet.  Glassware can be stored in the cupboards to the left and right with all your favourite tipples stored in the central area. Note the detailing on this piece, the ornate plinth, the arched door trim and the rich, deep colour of the wood.  Gorgeous.


Remember it is not essential that your dresser matches your kitchen cabinetry but it should compliment it. This could mean opting for a dresser painted in a contrasting shade to give your kitchen a bespoke feel and creating a focal point.

The final and probably the most important tip: Be sure to check your measurements thoroughly before purchasing your dresser as a dresser that’s too big will unbalance a room and reduce the feel of open space.  You’ll also want to not only check your available space, but the space required to display items such as plates and jars on the shelving areas and the height clearances for the cupboard areas.

To see more kitchen furniture and unique storage solutions be sure to check out our Shabby Chic Furniture pages.  To fill out a bespoke enquiry click here or if you’d prefer to discuss your requirements with us we’d love to talk furniture with you over the phone.  You can reach us Monday to Friday on 0845 643 0363, ask to speak to Mat or Jo.


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