Interior Meets Exterior in Garden Styling
















Gardens have always been the place we go during the warmer Spring and Summer months to chill out after a long day at work and where we entertain and BBQ on the weekends.

Now our Gardens are more and more an extension of our home and the interior design styles we love, with the exterior of our homes being as important as our interior, from shabby chic, french country, rustic, contemporary and modern styling all playing there part even in the great outdoors. Some of us are even making our interiors into exterior props for a truly styled garden.









This applies not only to those with the luxury of large gardens in an age where you’re lucky to get anything more than a small square of grass but also to those who only have the retreat of a balcony after a long hard day at the office.









It’s been interesting to see of late just how creative you can be with even the smallest of garden space.

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Shabby Chic Garden Retreat

It’s been a gorgeous couple of days as far as the great British weather goes, the sun has been shining, you can feel the warmth on your back and the garden is starting to get hues of colour that shout that Spring is definitely here and maybe even Summer is around the corner.

I can’t believe that we even went as far as having our first BBQ of the year yesterday, if only to celebrate the start of some good weather it was well worth it.

It’s amazing how your thoughts run wild, especially after a glass or two of something chilled as to the big plans for designing the garden this year, maybe I’m a little late and I should have been planning this last October but it’s hard to imagine when you’re tucked up under a blanket in front of the fire that you need to brave the day and get planting those Spring and Summer bulbs during the Winter cold.

So after a couple more glasses it was decided with 3 dogs and a reasonably sized garden we would split it in two, the dogs can have their area to run around and we will create a slightly vintage, shabby chic style retreat with cosy outdoor lighting from candles and beds  full of colour, along with a few pots, what greater invitation to the great outdoors on your doorstep than this?

If I had to start putting my mood board together for the dream I think it would look a little like this….

The board says relaxed, rustic, with hints of shabby chic and a desire for natural light once the sun sets….watch this space for the finished design!

If you would like to get your hands on some of these great pieces to finish your garden masterpiece/retreat simply click on the below images:
















Handmade Furniture at The Orchard

At the Orchard we’re passionate about handmade, sustainably sourced products that offer you more from your purchase. With our ability to offer bespoke furniture we differentiate ourselves from most furniture retailers. We know every home has it’s own little quirks, particularly older ones, so its key we can tailor make pieces to fit.

“Its so great to be able to produce unique, tailor made furniture for our customers. We’ve produced tables for canal boats, bespoke glass fronted display cabinets as a surprise birthday gift and I regularly bump into an old customer who still raves about the Rustic Media Unit we built for their home cinema!”

“We are particular proud that bespoke doesn’t also mean grossly inflated prices either. Our bespoke work prices will surprise you so don’t be afraid to ask for a quote. It costs nothing to quote and we may well be able to meet your budget for that perfectly sized piece of furniture.” Co-Owner Mat Brown

Bespoke also gives you the chance to add your own finishing touch by choosing the exact colour or combination of colours to suit your room.   We are getting more adventurous as a nation with our style and tastes though so much furniture, particularly that of the shabby chic ilk is just white or cream.

We love that we can offer more with a range of heritage paint colours for our Old English painted collection, mostly from Farrow & Ball. We are happy however to source other colours and brands for you.

Our Brocante range is fantastic for letting you have the final say on colour with so many options to choose from. In particular our newly introduced French Grey is threatening to de-throne Antique White as the shabby chic colour of choice, showing that styles and tastes are changing!

Aside from the Brocante range are our Old English and Rustic pieces all made using Canadian Pine sourced from renewable plantations and finished here in Britain.

Why Canadian Pine you may ask…. Canadian Pine is a much denser with a tighter grain than most other pines, so you get a more solid wood and more beautiful appearance.

We have an amazing experienced team of cabinet makers that create all our handmade pieces with nearly 100 years experience between them. So  if you don’t see what you are looking for on the website it doesn’t mean we can’t or don’t make it. Be adventurous with your thinking and have a bespoke piece made to complete your room.

Rustic Range:

French Brocante:

Old English Painted:

Don’t be shy, contact us with your brief today and see what we can do.

Tel: 0845 643 0363



Love & Marriage

Well it’s another bright and crisp spring morning and I’m headed to the first part of my brother-in-laws wedding. I say first part as despite this being the official legal bit it is considered not to be the “real thing”. The “real thing” is actually taking place in May in Avignon France, making it so as this is when there will be the typically big wedding dress, a vast amount of guests, copious amounts of alcohol and food and lots of oooing and ahhhing over the bride, probably more so than the bride and groom.

So when did weddings get so big? When did it become just as big a deal for the guests as the bride and groom themselves to pick out that perfect frock, along with matching shoes and handbag, well for us girls at least.

It’s also a time when we ask the big question, what do we buy the newlyweds to mark their special day? How do we make sure our gift is enough and looks amazing without breaking the bank?

It seems more and more that couples now ask for money for that all important honeymoon, newly named the ‘trip of a lifetime’ before the pitter patter of tiny feet or before all their money if thrown into their dream home and they wonder when they’ll ever get a holiday quite like it before they hit retirement!

I’ve come to the thinking that despite requests for money sometimes it’s nice to find something a little different, something that they are likely not to already have and actually go down the traditional route of buying a gift. Probably that’s because I love the anticipation of opening a gift and wondering what’s inside.

At the Orchard we have a great range of gifts from the safe and traditional to the unusual, meaning there’s something for everyone when it comes to buying that all important wedding gift. Best of all we’ve got great gifts that won’t break the bank!

We’ve got an amazing range under £50, with this being just some of them – links to these items below

We also have a range for those wanting to spend more, wether it be on furniture, something for the home, something specifically hand made, gorgeous glasses for entertaining when the family come to dinner or outdoor elegance to make the garden a haven during those long Summer days and evenings when the BBQ is cooking up some scrummy delights.

Out of all these gorgeous gifts, which one will you pick?

Don’t forget the items that aren’t too big we will also gift wrap for you FREE of charge.


A parting thought….. What is Love?

Sooner or later we begin to understand that love is more than verses on valentines and romance in the movies. We begin to know that love is here and now, real and true, the most important thing in our lives. For love is the creator of our favourite memories and the foundation of our fondest dreams. Love is a promise that is always kept, a fortune that can never be spent, a seed that can flourish in even the most unlikely of places. And this radiance that never fades, this mysterious and magical joy, is the greatest treasure of all – one known only by those who love.

Silver Plated Wine Glasses

Multi Frame in White

Rustic Teal Light Chandelier

Retro Kitchen Scales

Vintage Photo Frame in Antique White with Black Surround—antique-white


Defining Element of Rustic Furniture

Rustic Furniture is a popular choice for those of us who are tired of clinical, plastic conventional furniture and are looking for pieces with a bit more soul. Although rustic suggests an old product many contemporary designers and buyers are favouring the natural approach. Rustic design steps away from cluttered city design bringing a relaxing country feel into the home.

Here at The Orchard we offer a variety of gorgeous rustic furniture that can be made to measure to meet your specifications.

What Are The Defining Elements Of Rustic Furniture?

How to be sure you are getting at a genuine rustic piece of furniture:

  •  Seek natural materials. Rustic is a more organic approach to furniture design and will be made from natural materials such as wood, metals or stone. Here at The Orchard we use items made in England from strong Canadian pinewood.
  •  Think strong. Rustic pieces create a statement through their size and sturdiness – it will not look as though it will break if you touch it as rustic furniture is heavy and durable. Although rustic furnishings can be large (bed frames, wardrobes etc) they also make charming smaller pieces such as coffee tables or bed stands etc.
  •  Uncomplicated design. Rustic furniture tends to avoid loud and complicated design and delivers a simpler message. The pieces are often large but have a relaxing feel this is because they tend to be fuss free; they are all about the nature and the elements used to create them.
  •  Bring the outdoors, indoors. As nature is the key with rustic furnishings there is usually a feel of the great outdoors with every piece. It creates a warm sanctuary feel inside the home.

Rustic Furniture here at The Orchard:

We have a beautiful collection of rustic furnishings that can be made to measure for your convenience. Our pieces range from rustic benches to coffee tables to wardrobes with a number of individual, simple design features and effects.

Products include:

  •  Our Rustic Dining Table made from Quebec Yellow Pine with charming leg detail.
  •  Our Rustic Pew Bench built from Canadian Pine with a natural, raw finish.
  •  Our Rustic Two Drawer Bed-stand with vintage ring handle.

View even more fantastic Rustic Furniture at our website and in our warehouse furniture show room. If you have specific requirements for a product then do not delay and fill in an information form found on our website under the made to measure section.

You can get in touch today for further information or to tell us your specifications:

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