Interior Meets Exterior in Garden Styling
















Gardens have always been the place we go during the warmer Spring and Summer months to chill out after a long day at work and where we entertain and BBQ on the weekends.

Now our Gardens are more and more an extension of our home and the interior design styles we love, with the exterior of our homes being as important as our interior, from shabby chic, french country, rustic, contemporary and modern styling all playing there part even in the great outdoors. Some of us are even making our interiors into exterior props for a truly styled garden.









This applies not only to those with the luxury of large gardens in an age where you’re lucky to get anything more than a small square of grass but also to those who only have the retreat of a balcony after a long hard day at the office.









It’s been interesting to see of late just how creative you can be with even the smallest of garden space.

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Shabby Chic Garden Retreat

It’s been a gorgeous couple of days as far as the great British weather goes, the sun has been shining, you can feel the warmth on your back and the garden is starting to get hues of colour that shout that Spring is definitely here and maybe even Summer is around the corner.

I can’t believe that we even went as far as having our first BBQ of the year yesterday, if only to celebrate the start of some good weather it was well worth it.

It’s amazing how your thoughts run wild, especially after a glass or two of something chilled as to the big plans for designing the garden this year, maybe I’m a little late and I should have been planning this last October but it’s hard to imagine when you’re tucked up under a blanket in front of the fire that you need to brave the day and get planting those Spring and Summer bulbs during the Winter cold.

So after a couple more glasses it was decided with 3 dogs and a reasonably sized garden we would split it in two, the dogs can have their area to run around and we will create a slightly vintage, shabby chic style retreat with cosy outdoor lighting from candles and beds  full of colour, along with a few pots, what greater invitation to the great outdoors on your doorstep than this?

If I had to start putting my mood board together for the dream I think it would look a little like this….

The board says relaxed, rustic, with hints of shabby chic and a desire for natural light once the sun sets….watch this space for the finished design!

If you would like to get your hands on some of these great pieces to finish your garden masterpiece/retreat simply click on the below images:
















Reclaimed Vintage Homeware Inspiration From The Ideal Home Show

Hosted at London’s Earls Court, The Ideal Home Show was great success, showcasing many inspiring design ideas for the home.

What Is The Ideal Vintage Homeware?

 At the Ideal Home Show this year, a number of interior design companies showed innovative new projects and ways to decorate your home.  Quiet Mark, showing their Quiet Treehouse, in partnership with Blue Forest Luxury Treehouses, brought visitors a taste of modern design and rustic style. Focusing on the silence of the appliances within it, the project lent itself towards vintage homewarHYPERLINK “—home”es and rustic style furniture.


Even in the gardens, you couldn’t escape the rustic feel. Chichester College, who won the Gold Award and Best at Show for their garden design made from reclaimed wooden pallets, championed the shabby chic look. Inspired by their creations, we thought we would give your our top tips on how to achieve this look in your own home.


Reclaimed Ideas For Your Home


  • Bottle Vase Wall Rack – this beautiful wall feature is made of reclaimed wood and wire, with reproduction school milk bottles. The bottles are embossed with ‘School Milk 1/3 Pint’ and hold roughly 100ml. Perfect for beads, flowers, tiny moss gardens or colourful buttons, this shelf would be the pride of any kitchen.

Bottle Vase Wall Rack






  • French Country Console Table – with stunning visual appeal, this console table has a white pine body and a reclaimed wooden table top. The perfect accompaniment for any a living room or hallway, this vintage table would add a touch of rustic charm.






  • Reclaimed Wood Heart Trug –a traditional garden carrier for vegetables or herbs, it would also make a gorgeous ornamental storage piece in the home. Made of reclaimed timber, this quirky piece is would be ideal for use in the kitchen or outhouse.

reclaimed wood heart trug






  • ‘Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind’ Reclaimed Timber Print – Applied by hand on reclaimed timber slats, the print is effortless in its beauty.  This wall hanging is perfect for adding minimalist vintage homewares to your house without having to swap in bulky pieces of furniture.


'Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind' Reclaimed Timber Print






  • Industrial Vintage Wine Rack – made from reclaimed wood and steel, this piece is perfect for the industrial style kitchen. Store and display your vintage wine collection on the four shelves that stand above three storage boxes.

Industrial Vintage Wine Rack





For made to measure vintage homewares contact us on 0845 643 0363 or email

Improve Your Home This Easter With Shabby Chic Furniture

The shabby chic trend has never been bigger. With the good weather and Easter Bank Holiday creeping up on us, there’s never been a better time to think about a new look for your home. Why not see what we have to offer?


What Is Shabby Chic Furniture?


Shabby chic is a look which has become popular along with the revival of industrial style furniture and materials. A combination of vintage materials and contemporary design, shabby chic furniture is the perfect way to add style, colour and texture to your home. Often made from rustic woods and metals, shabby chic is timeless in its appeal.


Whether it is a statement piece of furniture or a collection of homewares, shabby chic is an easy style to integrate into any space. Here at The Orchard Home and Gifts we have a stunning selection of shabby chic furniture and French Provencal pieces to bring a new lease of life into your home this spring.


Choosing Vintage Furniture


  • Painted Reclaimed Timber Bookcase –Made from reclaimed wood for a rustic and authentic look, this bookcase would fit perfectly into your study or living room.

Painted Reclaimed Timber Bookcase





  • Vintage Leather Chesterfield Sofa – This sofa is a spectacular piece of furniture that will make you the envy of all your friends. Upholstered in distressed leather and mounted on castors in the traditional style, this gentlemen’s classic conjures up images of a bygone era.

Vintage Leather Chesterfield - Three Seater





  • Brocante Monks Bench –Perfect for keeping your hallway free of clutter, this stunning Monks Bench is both stylish and practical.  Available in a number of colours, this elegant piece of shabby chic furniture is a popular choice.






  • Scrubbed Pine Cupboard – Rubbed down so it looks aged and distressed, this large cupboard would work brilliantly as a sideboard, for extra crockery in the kitchen, or as a drinks’ cabinet in a dining room or lounge. With generous storage and a spectacular industrial style, we’ve fallen in love with it, and hope you will do the same.

Scrubbed Pine Cupboard






  • French Country Three Drawer TV Unit – Display your TV on this French Country style unit and store your DVDs and remote control neatly away.  Handcrafted using sustainably sourced timber, this would make the perfect addition to any home.

French Country Three Drawer TV Unit





Why Choose Orchard Home and Gifts?


For made to measure shabby chic furniture, order online from The Orchard Home and Gifts. Give your home a new look this Easter with fantastic homewares and furniture that you will love forever. For more information, call us on 0845 643 0363 or email

Spring is Here!

Spring is finally here, the clocks have gone forward and despite longing for this day since last September it’s hard to believe it’s only an hour that has been stolen from a good nights sleep.

But why do we change the clocks? Who’s really responsible for stealing our precious sleep time? Well we’ve got William Willett to thank for this yearly ritual, a keen horserider who felt we were wasting precious hours of daylight during the Summer months and thought people should be up earlier and making the most of their days.

The first country to adopt this was Germany in 1916 closely followed by Great Britain; a year after the death of William Willett and his pamphlet ‘The Waste of Daylight’. There were long experiements over a number of years where the clocks would be kept at Daylight Saving Time to see if there had been any advantages to staying ahead of Greenwich Meantime. The results showed yes and no, but as there are strong protests whenever the governement propose staying in Daylight Saving Time we continue to put our clocks back to Greenwich Meantime during the Winter months or British Standard Time as it’s also know.

So now you know who you’ve got to thank for the extra daylight during the Spring and Summer months, but the ongoing question is should the time remain ahead or should we continue this yearly ritual of moving forwards and backwards?