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May 20, 2015

Give Your Home A Fresh Look With Shabby Chic Styling

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Shabby Chic, an everlasting trend that just keeps on growing, even after almost 20 years since it first emerged in the interior design world. Shabby chic brings together eclectic style mixing antique style furniture with feminine florals, pastels, lace and aged paint effects.

Popularity In Shabby Chic Furniture Continues To Grow

Over time the shabby chic genre has become an umbrella term for a number of similar styles or looks; you may have read of looks such as vintage chic, country chic, Scandi chic or Nordic chic to describe similar interior styling. In fairness these are unique looks in their own right, perhaps inspired initially by shabby chic ideals, but it is the term ‘shabby chic’ that has registered most in people’s hearts and minds.

The great thing about shabby chic style is that it is easy to achieve and put your own twist on. It’s also an inexpensive way to revamp your home by utilising upcycled furniture or creating the look by painting and restyling perhaps slightly more modern furniture.

The best way to start is with a blank canvas of white walls, or just off white for a softer feel. You can then add pastel shades such as pinks and duck egg. If you’re lucky enough to have great floorboards through your home, keep these natural or opt for white washing to add to the look.

When it comes to adding shabby chic furniture opt for floral soft furnishings with upcycled wood pieces and maybe a little wicker or rattan, again white or grey washed.

From this base you can then purchase unique second hand artifacts, antiques, flowers or pieces of timber that will enable you to add your own personality and bring out the quirkiness that shabby chic style commands.

Still stuck for inspiration? Well we’ve put together a number of ways you can bring the shabby but chic feel into your home without making it look like an open house jumble sale. (more…)

May 7, 2015

8 Fresh Interior Design Styling Tips For Spring

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Spring is officially here so it’s time to throw open the windows, get the paint out and revamp your home with one of eight of this season’s top interior design styling trends awash great colour palettes for the new season.

Go Floral

Choose wallpapers and textiles delicately designed. Nothing too bold and overpowering just something to add a hint of spring.  Go for a classic design that incorporates blooms and birds perfect for living rooms and bedrooms. In doing so you can then bring a little of the outside in by using garden trugs as magazine holders or wire baskets to display a select few items in order to make a small feature. (more…)

April 24, 2015

8 Unique Looks To Style A Sunroom Or Conservatory, from Rattan Furniture & Beyond

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Conservatories and sun rooms can be a great addition to a home when it comes to creating a bright new space to while away an afternoon or two but also in adding value to your home.

We’ve put together some great interior styling ideas from the traditional to the more contemporary, through shabby chic, rattan furniture and something a little different, so you can get straight to updating your current room or booking in the builders to create your own little peaceful sun kissed haven inside your home.

Make it Shabby Chic

Timeless and elegant; if shabby chic is the style for you then not only will you love it but it has longevity as it is a look that doesn’t age (as it already is aged!) It’s the perfect style to choose if you don’t want to change the look of your room every time the next new interiors style comes in. (more…)

April 9, 2015

Using Planters & Pots In Your Garden

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Gardens can be made interesting when designed by separating into distinct areas or spaces. Such an approach can make a garden feel more like the rooms in a house where each is laid out differently.

Ceramic plant pots and containers can be a great way of doing this and provide much flexibility and versatility when you want to change things around. Here are some helpful tips to help you get your garden in shape ready for next year.

Use pots to define garden spaces

Arrange small-large sized pots into a cluster to either enclose a garden space or frame a view.

Create walkways through a space by placing pots of different shapes and sizes to provide a sense of enclosure; place pots on risers to make plants look taller and create height variation. Whichever type of garden space you want to create start with a corner. Making strong corners will make the space feel more like a room then you can connect the corners together to complete the space. (more…)

April 7, 2015

The Kew Royal Botanical Collection at The Orchard

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Named a world heritage site Kew Royal Botanical Gardens is a place where the world’s plant life is safeguarded and where the use of sustainable plants is promoted. The Royal Botanical Gardens Kew is a feast for the horticultural eye, with every plant you can imagine from humble Daffodils to more extravagant orchids and alpine plants. The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew works with organisations from all over the world to preserve plant life for our future generations and also the Millennium Seed bank.

Kew Pots & Kew Planters At The Orchard

As some of the keenest gardeners and plants specialists in the world Kew have also licensed a range of garden accessories for those of us who like to dabble in our own little piece of paradise.  The Kew Gardens collection of garden pots and planters as stocked by The Orchard is a highly coveted range. The Kew pots are approved by the Royal Botanic Gardens and each one bears the Kew crest. (more…)

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