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October 28, 2014

Illuminate Your Home With Shabby Chic Lighting

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Shabby Chic Lighting From The Orchard

Often an afterthought, lighting sets the mood and tone of a room and can actually be the make or break when it comes to setting off your style of decor, giving the wow factor or simply making the room a cosy place to be.

No matter how many hours are spent painting and thinking about the style of furniture that goes into a room it really is the lighting that will show a space off to its true potential.

Shabby Chic Lighting

Natural Light

Natural light has to be one of the most impactful lights in any home but the quality will depend entirely on the aspect of the room.

Here we look at the four different types of natural light which you can expect to find in your home depending on the aspect in which your home is situated.

North Facing – North facing light tends to be cold, harsh and direct but gives truer colour rendition so these rooms are often chosen for use as offices or studios where a need to see the true detail of things is required.

South Facing – South facing light offers warm light all day, however the interesting thing about this type of light is that it changes as the year progresses through the seasons creating different tones and strengths of light at different times of the year.

East Facing – East facing light is bright in a morning followed by shadows, with little to no sun later in the day. To counteract this, the use of artificial lighting can help to control glare and maximise any available natural light.

West Facing – West facing rooms experience hard sunlight during the hottest part of the day followed by long shadows and softer light. (more…)

October 27, 2014

Beautiful Shabby Chic Photo Frames From The Orchard

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In the digital age we’re living in we are taking more and more photos, whether they be family related or we fancy ourselves as an amateur reportage photographer taking stunning shots of the people and places we see, the downside is that these photos often end on laptops and never actually see the light of day. We think this should change as there are so many great ways to display your favourite shots especially with a collection of not necessarily matching shabby chic photo frames.

Photo montage walls are becoming a fantastic way to add art to your walls while celebrating the pictures you love and treasure, it may be honeymoon photos, pictures of your children or a selection of macro style photos that have captured beautiful detail in the things you see around you.

It sounds pretty simple but it can be tricky to figure out exactly where to start and how to balance the use of different size frames and frame styles.

Here are 9 great examples to get you started and to make you think outside the frame a little rather than just putting two or three of the same size frames in a line down a hallway.

Once you have your basic layout you can add and change the frames as you wish to accommodate your pictures, you may also decide to use the groupings to tell a story from left to right or from the middle out. (more…)

October 16, 2014

Industrial Vintage Furniture From The Orchard Home & Gifts

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Vintage Industrial furniture has firmly become the must have style for all interior design lovers. Harking back to days gone by with reclaimed industrial materials gives this style tradition and heritage not to mention eco credentials.

Beautiful Industrial Vintage & Shabby Chic Furniture

Initially the preserve of those dwelling in urban lofts, converted warehouses and minimalist apartment buildings, Vintage Industrial styling is now entering the main stream and shaking up the shabby chic furniture market.

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when and how the industrial style crossed over to became the zeitgeist of today.  Many suggest it is because modern life and jobs have become so far removed from old school heavy industry. Or perhaps it is simply because it is a natural extension of the green/up-cycling movement. Whatever the cause vintage industrial style looks set to remain popular for the foreseeable future.

The vintage industrial look offers so much in terms of character and style, the seamless join of metals and woods, manufactured materials and those from nature. Vintage industrial looks and feels old but is as strong and hardwearing as anything new and contemporary available on the market.

Here at The Orchard we have an exciting collection of some of the most beautiful vintage industrial looks on the market. Our Vintage Industrial Apothecary Chest is arguably the darling of the collection, conjuring up images of an old fashioned laboratory.  The perfect piece for a modern or vintage interior.

Shabby Chic Furniture

The Industrial Vintage Wine Rack is the ultimate statement piece for a kitchen, dining room or den. What’s not to love about wine, with this piece you have a perfect way to store and showcase your wine collection.

Shabby Chic Furniture

A personal favourite is the Industrial Vintage Cloakroom Unit.  It is reminiscent of an old school hall rack and brings back fond memories of school days and sports activities.  A stunning and practical addition to the hallway of a family home.

Shabby Chic Furniture

Arguably the most high profile piece in the Vintage Industrial collection.  Our Trolley Coffee Table seems to be the must have piece of industrial vintage shabby chic furniture. Combining heavy steelwork and gorgeous Mango wood this coffee table makes for a great centrepiece to a living space.

Shabby Chic Furniture

Shabby Chic Furniture From The Orchard

So whether you are looking for Tolix chairs, industrial style tables or larger vintage inspired or shabby chic furniture pieces, view the collection or get in touch today on 0845 643 0363 or via

October 8, 2014

Vintage Industrial Styling From The Orchard Home & Gifts

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Vintage Industrial Styling With Shabby Chic Furniture

Metal Wall Hanger

We’re loving the trend within home furnishing at present for vintage industrial styling and thought we’d share our collection of industrial accessories, starting with this metal wall hanger.

Vintage Industrial Styling

Our Metal Wall Hanging Racks tick all the boxes when it comes to space saving, storage solutions in a vintage industrial style. Comprising of a hanging rail with three fixed, functional hooks and a removable metal basket. With an aged finish, this rack is full of rustic charm and would compliment any country kitchen. A perfect place to hang your tea towels or, utensils and the basket would make a great place to store away oven gloves or, loose recipe cards.

Alternatively, how about hanging in the hallway?  The hooks would make an excellent place to hang scarves, school bags or, dog leads and any loose post could be stowed away neatly in the basket.  This rack offers so many storage ideas that the list is endless – we’re sure you’ll easily find a home for one!

Get yours here:

‘Parcels & Packets’ Sorting Office Post Box

 Vintage Industrial Styling

A quirky wire post basket complete with a charming old-school postal sign.  A perfect accompaniment to any study or office for a truly auspicious look.  Looks equally great as a magazine tidy in any room of the house.  Generous size to allow for ‘packets & parcels’ to be stylishly stowed away. Ideal for someone who doesn’t like mess in their life….”a tidy house, a tidy mind”!

Get yours here:—packets-sorting-office-post-box

Zinc Desk Tidy

Vintage Industrial Styling

Get organised this year with our industrial-style Zinc Desk Tidy.  This lovely vintage inspired wire desk tidy is the perfect place to keep your letters, bills (boo!), pencils, pens or any bits and bobs – with three compartments we’re sure you will find a home for something!

Get yours here:

Zinc Post Basket

 Vintage Industrial Styling

Our retro Wire Post Baskets are a perfect accompaniment to any hallway, study or office.  Looks equally great as a magazine or newspaper tidy in any room of the house.  Generous size to fit standard magazines and A4 paperwork as well as housing standard letters.  We love the old school ‘Post’ label on this piece which has an aged vintage look and feel to it.

Get yours here:

Fairground Arrow Hanger

Vintage Industrial Styling

LOVE THIS! Our metal, over sized Fairground Arrow Hanger is a super fun and novel way of hanging coats, bags or anything else that possibly needs a home.  Cast and finished in a vintage industrial style this will look particularly great on a bare brick wall.

Get yours here:

Zinc Post Rack

Vintage Industrial Styling

Our zinc storage and mail baskets proved to be extremely popular over the years and off the back of those pieces our wall mounted post rack was born.  Practical and stylish, this item is perfect for hanging in the hall way by the letter box or perhaps even a kitchen or study

Get yours here:

Visit The Orchard Home & Gifts For Stunning Shabby Chic Furniture

Here at The Orchard we also have an ever growing range of vintage industrial and shabby chic furniture. We are working on a Vintage Industrial styling blog which we hope to bring to you shortly. In the mean time feast your eyes on all of these unique furniture items combining steel and reclaimed Mango wood all styled on old industrial pieces.

See our full collection of vintage industrial furniture here:

September 2, 2014

The Annual Orchard Photo Shoot

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July 16th – 18th had loomed large on the office calendar for some time.  There it was in bold letters, brightly highlighted, staring down at us ominously PHOTO SHOOT.

As many of you will probably think a photo shoot sounds glamorous, exciting, fun.  I’m also sure that for many of you a photo shoot is something you would probably love to have in scheduled into your diary for three days.  Don’t get me wrong, we love it and get excited by the annual shoot as well but……, IT IS SERIOUSLY HARD WORK!

So as July 16th approached our hearts and heads were filled with mixed emotions.  We have introduced an awful lot of new furniture at The Orchard since this time last year and shooting a furniture collection is no easy task.  As we all looked over the first draft of the shot list and saw multiple wardrobes, sideboards and oversized mirrors, a collective groan went up!

Long before any of the physical work began Laura had been conducting a long search for the perfect venue for the shoot.  When seeking out a venue to photograph a shabby chic furniture collection there are so many factors to consider.  Firstly proximity to Orchard HQ, with so many people involved ideally we wanted to be able to travel to and from the shoot rather than be holed up in hotels for two nights.

Secondly, the styling of the house is critical, can it show many looks; shabby chic, rustic, vintage, country and the latest, hottest trend vintage industrial? Ideally you want as many settings as possible, not the same few backdrops for every style of furniture and accessory.  Thirdly, how big is the venue?  Beautiful shabby chic cottages abound here in the Midlands but such a home comes with low ceilings, narrow staircases and hallways and a lot of stuff already in situ.  Moving multiple pieces of furniture in and out over three days, along with a small army of photographers, stylists and runners busily scurrying everywhere is a recipe for chaos!  When we finally found our chosen venue it could not have been more perfect.

A large family home set in beautiful countryside (with a river running through the garden) and purpose built to stage photo shoots.  The house had so much natural light photographic lighting wasn’t even going to be necessary and the garden was even better than the house so we chose to re-shoot large sections of The Orchard’s garden pots, planters and outdoor living accessories as well.  To boot, our host was supremely hospitable, had a prop cupboard to die for and a super keen eye for how to stage an image that is just right. (I could also write a lot about the incredible integrated coffee machine in the house. How many espressos I drank in three days I don’t know and now have to have one in my own home!)

Shabby Chic Furniture

Shabby Chic Furniture

Back to the shoot its self and it had been determined that large parts of our Old English Painted range, Rustic furniture collection and our Brocante collection in particular needed new images.  We therefore set about preparing pieces for the shoot and loading the vans.  Loading a van from front to back for a shoot is much like moving house and I do not envy for one second furniture removal guys and all they have to contend with daily.  It’s like a giant game of Tetris only much more physically demanding and with more expensive pieces of wood!  Our biggest concern was our Old English Painted Double Wardrobe, a large, solid and heavy piece of shabby chic furniture.

Thankfully it was designed with ease of delivery in mind so the base unit can be transported separately and the cornice removed from the top.  That’s the beauty of reproduction antique furniture, all the styling characteristics of an original but with practical modern design features factored in.  We also had a large rustic double wardrobe to contend with up a big flight of stairs so we set about measuring up for both pieces much as we ask of Orchard customers before accepting orders for large furniture items.  Ease of delivery considerations are a big factor when ordering so we needed to make sure we did our own homework for the shoot!

Shabby Chic Furniture

Shabby Chic Furniture

Eventually the first van was loaded and we set off in convoy early on Wednesday morning for the twenty or so mile journey to Lincolnshire.  The Orchard chariot (named Sir Gaz) creaked and groaned under the strain of various furniture items, assorted ceramic garden pots and countless kitchen and home accessories as we ambled along twisting, undulating country roads.  We arrived on site to be greeted with our first cuppa of the day and a temperature already rising through the low 20’s.

In a matter of minutes the garden was covered in boxes, the good weather was an added bonus in that we could unwrap and store items outdoors safe in the knowledge they would be dry and less clutter inside the house.  Were we grateful for that large lawn, this is just a few boxes from the first van!

Shabby Chic Furniture

Three twelve hour days followed.  Items were unpacked, located, styled, shot, re-boxed and re-loaded onto the van.  Did I mention the temperature reached the high 20’s on all three days!  The temptation to jump into the river grew as each hour passed.  Lunch came and went, some taking the opportunity to rest in the splendour of the garden overlooking the countryside, whilst others ate on the go, that’s commitment!  Some also played on the garden swing but we won’t mention those work shy individuals.

Shabby Chic Furniture

We shot a seemingly endless array of coffee tables from painted reclaimed wood trunks, to chunky plank coffee tables finished with wax.  We spent hours styling traditional dressers, who knew arranging items required so much focus.  We crossed fingers and toes every time we hung a new super heavy mirror, the Venetian Mirrors and the Cathedral Mirrors in particular had us sweating.  Shooting shabby chic table lamps, perfect for snuggling up beside with a book on a cold winters eve, had us in a styling quandary as sun blazed through the windows.

Shabby Chic Furniture

All in all we covered over 400 miles to and from the site, used 2 photographers, 2 stylists, 1 art director (Laura) and 3 runners (including yours truly) We worked 3, 12 hours days, drank in the region of 96 cups of tea, opened and repacked over 240 products and shot an incredible 1600 photographs.  When the owner of the venue told us a certain flower company took up to 4 hours styling a single shot at the house we patted ourselves on the back for what we had achieved.

Shabby Chic Furniture

So that’s a shabby chic interiors shoot for you in a nutshell, still think it’s glamorous?  Thankfully we should have some fantastic new shabby chic furniture images for the site coming soon once the editing is completed.  We are particularly pleased with how the furniture collections look.  Our old images have done them an injustice for too long and we hope you will love the new additions to The Orchard just as much as we do.

Stunning Shabby Chic Furniture From The Orchard

If you would like to know more about any of our shabby chic furniture or any of our other products please get in touch by calling 0845 643 0363 or email

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